Pirate Proxy Bay

is TPB Down? Here we have listed the Top The Pirate Bay (TPB) alternatives, a world-famous torrent is down worldwide for more than a week.

Meanwhile, users can utilize the other best alternative to access the best Torrents and can also reach the pirate bay site using the pirate bay proxy.

The PirateBay (TPB) is a well-known and widely used to a torrent that is accessed by more than millions of visitors daily around the world.

Due to several issues, the ISP blocked access to the pirate bay websites, but the users can reach the site without any hassle using a proxy or VPN service.

The torrent files can be downloaded with µTorrent or BitTorrent clients.

Beware about the malware files, hackers may drop malware from the torrent download. please ensure that you’re using best Antivirus software to protect your computer.

5 Best The Pirate Bay Proxy Show 10 Entries Search:
Proxies Speed

At the time of writing, all the pirates bay proxy are live and the speed is calculated based on the website speed and download speed.

These pirate bay proxy servers let you access the magnetic links of your desired contents to download the torrent files.